Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Add food to database

To add a new food to the food list in the database, chose the “Eat” tab. You can type in the food which you want to add in the entry field. As you type, a food list showing all available entries matching your text will appear. Make sure you don’t select any item from this list since you want to create a new one. Press on the “Tap to add” area to be taken to the next screen.
There you can set the nutritional values for this food incl. calories, fat, fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. Tap on the “Tap to save” area to save your entries. You will be taken back to the previous screen while your food name will remain displayed in the entry field. If you press the “Tap to eat” area, this food will be added to your diary. If you don’t want this (i.e. don’t consume the food right now), simply continue with other features of the app.

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