Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Check your food diary

If you want to get an overview of what you have eaten today or on any other particular day, you can chose the “Food diary” tab. You can see there the complete list of all foods which you have previously added to your diary (i.e. have consumed). Using the swipe arrows at the bottom of the screen changes the day in your diary and you can use them to move up and down the calendar. If you press on any food in the list, you get a submenu offering you a star (favourites), a list (details) and a red cross (delete).
The star can be pressed to mark a food as being one of your favourites, in which case it is automatically added to your favourites list (for further details on how to use the favourite list also check “Select food from database”).
The list opens a new screen displaying the portion size, the number of portions you have eaten and the associated points consumed. Pressing the “Tap area” brings you back to the diary. Using the swipe arrows at the bottom of the screen shows you details for all other foods in your diary for that particular day, i.e. you can scroll up and down the details of your food list without returning to the diary overview.
The red cross deletes the food from your diary. All daily and weekly points will be recalculated accordingly.
You can also mark / unmark a food on the list by tapping on the star symbol displayed directly in the list (instead of opening the submenu for a particular food).

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