Tuesday, May 17, 2011

General navigation hints

After logging on, the app displays the contents of the “Food diary” tab as default. You can find all available tabs at the top of the screen:
·         Food diary: shows a complete list of daily food consumption incl. all details
·         Activity diary: shows a complete list of daily activities
·         Eat: allows you to select food and add it to your daily diary; allows you to add new food to the database; allows you to delete food from the database which you have previously added; allows you to edit nutritional values for foods; allows you to mark / unmark and filter your favourite food list
·         Add activity: allows you to add physical exercise to your daily diary
·         History: shows a history of your weight and points consumed / allowed over time
The consumed and allowed points are calculated and updated automatically based on the selected points system and the result is displayed in some tabs right beneath the tab menu. Red shows consumed points while green means available points, for both daily and weekly values.
In some areas of the app, you can find blue swipe buttons at the bottom of the screen. They move you forward or backward in the current list or diary you are in.
The menu is context sensitive and offers you those functions which are available for the current screen.

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