Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Select food from database

To select food (to add to your diary, i.e. daily consumption), chose the “Eat” tab. You can type in the food which you want to add in the entry field. As you type, a food list showing all available entries matching your text will appear. You can simply scroll through this list and select any food you like at any point in time. The more letters you type into the field, the shorter this list will get.
When you switch on the funnel symbol next to the entry field, the displayed list will only show food which you have previously marked as “favourite”.
In order to mark or unmark a food as your favourite, simply click on the star symbol above the entry field once you have typed in and selected a food. It will automatically add or remove this food item to / from your favourite list. So if you add a particular food as favourite by clicking on the star symbol, this food will show up in the favourite list when you select a food with the funnel symbol next time. Building up and using a favourite list helps you to quickly find and select frequently consumed foods.
When you press on the pen symbol after you have typed in and selected a food, it gets you to the next screen where you can change the nutritional values for this food incl. calories, fat, fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. Tap on the “Tap to save” area to save your entries.
When clicking on the red cross symbol once you have typed in and selected a food, it allows you to delete this food from the food list. Only food which has been added by you (i.e. does not come out of the predefined list) can be deleted.
In order to add the chosen food to your diary, first select the portion size and then click on the “Tap to add” area. You will get to a next screen showing you the current nutritional values for the selected food. You can change these values if what you have eaten does not perfectly match what is in your list. Using “Tap to save” adds the food to your diary. The allowed daily and weekly points are updated automatically. 

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