Tuesday, May 17, 2011


If you are already a registered user, type your name into the login field on the first page and tap on the field “Tap to login”.
If you are logging in the first time, click on the blue person symbol with a green plus sign. You will be taken to a series of login pages on which you need to specify details. The first login screen asks about your name, whether you want to use the metrical or imperial system, if you prefer the traditional WW points plan or the new PointsPlus system and whether you want to use the app in order to lose or rather maintain your weight. On the next screen, you can select your gender (female, nursing mother, male) and set your birthday. The third screen defines your current weight and height as well as your primary daily activities. The choice given reg. usage of activity points (daily or weekly basis) relates to the PointsPlus plan only. It specifies whether you want to use activities (sports, any kind of physical exercise) to increase your allowed points for the current day of the activity or rather for the weekly points during the current week.

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